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What I Wore This Week 24/06/2019

There was not much on last week, so I just have this one look from Sunday to show you.

Being my first post for the fashion section of my blog though, I thought I’d do a quick introduction about my style before we get into this week’s outfit details.

If I was to describe my style I would say it’s modern classic. I love classic designs and looks done in a modern way.

A few fun facts about my style:

  • My favourite materials are lace and scuba knit
  • I love good accessories (particularly handbags, shoes and hats)
  • Summer is my favourite season to dress (less layers and more dresses)
  • Some of my favourite brands are Review, Cue, Bardot, Lipsy, Nine West, Colette, Lovisa, ValleyGirl, Dotti and JayJays
  • When it comes to clothes and fashion you could say I have a slight problem, as I do have two wardrobes and a chest of drawers to fit all of my clothes and accessories!

So let’s get into this week’s outfit!

Outfit details:

Jacket from Dotti
Top from Valley Girl
Boots from Novo Shoes
Jewellery from Lovisa
Scarf and jean leggings from my wardrobe (I’ve had them awhile so I can’t remember where I got them from)

I’d actually been planning this look for awhile after I was inspired by a scarf I saw on ValleyGirl’s website (unfortunately they didn’t have it in store when I went to buy it). Planning an outfit is half the fun for me and I just love it when an outfit comes together; there’s nothing like the disappointment of an outfit looking fantastic in your head but then no good on. I’m happy to say that this outfit did look just as good in my mind as it did on. My favourite thing about this look is how the layering worked well and everything tied in nicely. I’m not known to repeat outfits (a very bad habit of mine!) but I’ll definitely be wearing this look again.

Hope you all enjoy this look as much as I do!

In this week's edition of What I Wore This Week, I outline the details of my outfit that I wore for a day out as well as a few fun facts about my style!

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