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What I Wore This Month – October Edition

I haven’t done a fashion post in ages and instead of bringing back “Fashion Friday”, as I feel 4 posts a week is too much, I thought I’d do a monthly post with what I wore.

Women in Business Cocktail Party

Dress: Lipsy
Bag: Colette
Shoes: Betts
Jewellery: Lovisa
Watch: Oliva Burton London

This look was actually from September, but as I haven’t shared it with you all yet, here it is! I got this Lipsy dress a couple of years ago for another cocktail party, so it was great to wear it again. This dress has a really nice back on it too, which unfortunately is a bit lost on me as I’m always sitting down. It’s also a bit shorter than what I normally opt for, but in a cocktail setting, it’s perfect. If you have long hair like me and hate it getting in your face when it’s down, put some clips in. Not only are feature clips in fashion at the moment, but they’re also very practical. Makeup wise, I teamed this outfit with a Too Faced Melted Matte-allic Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Bitch I’m Too Faced”, which not only lasted all night and added that pop of colour but also got lots of compliments. 

Fashion on the Field at Ascot

Dress: Made by Mum
Shoes and Bag: Nine West
Jewellery: Lovisa
Boater: Gregory Ladner

I did a whole post dedicated to how this outfit came together (which you can read here), but this is one of my favourite racing looks (haha perhaps because it’s different to my usual red and yellow looks, as featured below). As this outfit was for Fashions on the Field, I tried to incorporate lots of current trends, including feature clips and pearls. It’s also retro and a pop of colour, which is very on-trend at the moment too, but that was slightly luck, as Mum and I had already planned the outfit before we knew that. I’ve never had completely matching shoes and handbag, which is something I love about this look, while I also like how fresh it is. Boaters are one of my favourite headwear pieces too, so I’m sure you’ll see a few of them featured throughout my racing carnival outfits. 

Northerly Stakes at Ascot

Dress: Portmans
Bag: Colette
Shoes: Betts
Hat: Gregory Ladner
Jewellery: Lovisa

Haha firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of a proper outfit photo. The Velvet King won a group 3 race (hence the red and yellow) and this is the trophy we won. If I was to describe this look, I would say it’s New York classic. Mum found this dress and it was probably one of the biggest alterations she’s done, as she had to take it in at all the seams from the waist up. Luckily this dress had princess seams and the lining wasn’t attached to the outside fabric, which did make the alterations slightly easier. This outfit is a prime example that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on an outfit too. All up I think this look would have cost $200. I’ve worn the boater, shoes and bags many times before and the dress was on sale. This bag is also one of my favourites because it holds so much and still looks great. 

Presentation at University

Jacket: ValleyGirl
Top: ValleyGirl
Pants: Jay Jays
Shoes: Mango (from Kmart or Target)
Bag: Made by Mum

I feel like I’m also posting race day outfits, so I thought I’d break it up with this outfit I wore yesterday for a presentation at university. As it was a presentation, I wanted to wear something professional but still comfortable, so black leggings are my go-to pants. Jay Jays make the most comfortable leggings, so if you’re ever looking for some, head there. In terms of shoes, ballet flats are a winner as they still look nice and they don’t hurt your feet as heels do. As I’ve previously mentioned in posts jackets are hard for me to find as I can’t move my arms in stiff ones and because of my narrow shoulders, it’s hard to find one that fits me. I actually just rediscovered this jacket this morning and it looks really good. It also has zippers on the pockets which you can’t see in the photo, but they add a cute element. 

I hope you enjoyed this month’s looks and with the racing carnival heating up I can’t wait to show you next month’s outfits!

I share with you some of the outfits that I wore, including race day wear and cocktail party outfits, in the October edition of "What I Wore This Month"!
I share with you some of the outfits that I wore, including race day wear and cocktail party outfits, in the October edition of "What I Wore This Month"!
I share with you some of the outfits that I wore, including race day wear and cocktail party outfits, in the October edition of "What I Wore This Month"!

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