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What I Wore This Month – May Edition

Despite last month’s post, I do actually get out of my pyjamas during isolation. However, when I’m not in pyjamas I’m usually in leggings and a t-shirt. This is also my staple look for days at university, hence I thought I’d feature this look in “What I Wore This Month”.

University at Home

T-shirt: Target
Leggings: Jay Jays
Socks: Bonds

For colder days, these Jay Jay leggings are my absolute favourite! I have about 7 pairs I think, and they come in a range of colours and patterns. They’re made of a slightly thicker stretch material which not only makes them nice and warm but also super comfortable. The material is also super soft. However, the thing I love most about these leggings is the waistband. It too is soft, not too tight, or too thick. All of these qualities are really important for someone who is sitting in a wheelchair as it means I’m not getting cut in half all the time. With my scoliosis and how it affects my ribs and hips (there’s like no space between my ribs and hips on my right side), the waistband also means that I’m not getting sore spots from things digging in.

With these leggings pictured I opted for a white top. The colour and the geometric design in the top matched the leggings well. With most loose tops though, I like to roll the sleeves up, so it sits above my elbow. This is mostly because I lean on my elbows and this pulls the neck down which often results in an off the shoulder look due to my narrow shoulders. Sometimes, depending on the type of material, it’s also too rough on my elbows and can result in pressure sores. Besides just t-shirts, if I was going to university on a cold day, I would also pair these leggings with a soft jumper (which are normally from ValleyGirl because they’re soft but also not too heavy so I don’t overheat or can’t move).

Lastly, the Bonds socks also make another appearance this month. However, this month I’m wearing sport socks. Sport socks are slightly more padded than normal socks, making them comfortable for wearing all day. Obviously, if I was actually at university, I would usually be wearing sandshoes as well.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this month’s outfit and gave you a glimpse into the little things I look for when picking the ultimate pair of leggings. Next month I definitely have some more exciting outfits to show you, as I’ll be competing in the WA Fashions Off The Field competition. I’ve had this outfit planned for months so I can’t wait to show you all!

I share with you my usually university outfit of leggings and a t-shirt, in the May edition of "What I Wore This Month"!

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