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What I Wore This Month – June Edition

This month I finally had an excuse to dress up! Despite still being in isolation earlier in the month, it was the metro/peel heat for Fashions Off The Field. It felt nice to put makeup on and have a proper outfit to show you all for “What I Wore This Month”.

Fashions Off The Field

Top and skirt: Evans and Co
Headband: Lovisa and then covered by me
Bag: Olga Berg
Shoes: Astar Shoes
Earrings: Unknown
Brooch: Erika Boutique
Bracelet: Ania Haie
Ring: Lovisa

This outfit has been a long time in the planning. It all started back when it was first mentioned that The Velvet King might go to Melbourne this time last year. Then that didn’t happen, so I thought I’d wear it for Fashions on the Field for Karrakatta Day, which then got cancelled because of COVID-19, so here we are now.

The inspiration behind the whole look was the yellow lace fabric. If you’ve read any of my previous fashion posts, then you’ll know that I’m a sucker for anything lace. However nice yellow lace is hard to come by, so finding this at Spotlight was like finding gold. To line the lace, a lemon yellow silk looked the best, compared to a black, grey or white which is what Mum (who sews) and I originally thought would look good.

The paper patterns we used were actually all Mum’s idea so I can’t take much credit for that. The skirt pattern wasn’t one we’d done before, though I do love a full skirt. It really allowed us to get the most out of the fabric too (like you can see a lot of lace). While the skirt was cut so that it would have some fullness to it, our biggest trick was wearing a petticoat under it. This really volumised the skirt and made it flow nicely. We had some sewing technical issues with the skirt (haha or perhaps I just put on weight between the time it was made and when I wore it), but it turned out fantastically.

Then to allow the skirt to not only pop but also to contrast it, we opted for a skinny black top (compared to the fullness of the skirt). The skinny pattern also meant I could tuck the top into the skirt so I could show off the waistband. The black material does have a slight stretch to it, so it’s not too hard to get on and I can surprisingly still move my arms.

For the accessories, headband headpieces are very on trend at the moment. Lovisa had this one which is actually a black velvet/suede, which does match my top, however, it looked a little bit boring on its own, so we covered it in the leftover lace. This really tied the outfit all together. To break the black top up, we opted for a gold horse brooch that was gifted to me by one of my racing friends. Not only did it match sensationally because I was wearing gold accessories but also because it was Fashions Off The Field.

Next, the shoes and handbag were pretty straight forward as we were always going to go black. The plainness of them also means that they don’t distract from the skirt, which was my hero piece. Finding “grown up” shoes are quite hard for someone like me who has little feet, so if you suffer from the same problem, I can’t recommend Astar Shoes enough. With the main accessories done, I finished off the look with a simple gold bracelet (which I won at York FOTF), a gold ring with black stone and gold earrings. I probably would have gone with different earrings, but as we were in isolation, we couldn’t go to the shops and I couldn’t find anything online. However, the roundness of them did match the gems in the horse.

So, I hope you all like this look! What’s great about an outfit like this too, is that you can mix and match your top and bottom to create endless amounts of outfits. Overall, it’s probably one of my favourite winter fashion outfits and I look forward to wearing it to the races in person soon.

I share with you my Fashions Off The Field outfit featuring a yellow lace skirt, in the June edition of "What I Wore This Month"!

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