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What I Wore This Month – April Edition

Life in isolation literally means spending all my time at home, so there are no stylish outfits this month. I feel it wouldn’t be a true “iso edition” of what I wore this month if I didn’t feature my pyjamas, so that’s what I did!

At home in isolation

Pyjamas: Peter Alexander
Socks: Bonds

I’m not a person who usually brags about labels (because as a marketing person I know you’re often paying extra for the label not higher quality clothing) but Peter Alexander pyjamas really are the best! I have two pairs that I rotate round all year, with a short sleeve top for summer and long sleeve for winter (haha I also have a winter pair of pyjamas from Target that I also wear because they’re old and comfortable). Featured today are my cat satin pants with the classic pink top.

Having a physical disability means that it’s hard to roll around in bed (especially in soft hotel beds!), so my pyjamas always feature satin/silk pants. This makes me slippery so I can move around more easily. It wasn’t until a friend of mine mentioned to Mum that Peter Alexander started making satin pants that we started paying attention to them. They’re also sometimes difficult to come by even in regular shops, so the fact that a pyjama company was doing them was amazing. I will note that their satin/silk range is limited, so just keep your eye out. I think I got my plain lilac silk pants about six or so months after the cat ones.

Once I tried them on I was hooked. The elastic in the pants makes them really comfortable and their tops are just so soft! The quality really is better than your Target/Big W/Kmart pyjamas too. Haha as Mum would say, they wash up nicely! If you like pockets, you’ll also like their pants. Plus I also enjoy the extra detail of having a cuff on my long sleeve tops, as it means I can push the sleeves up myself and they will stay there (which is especially true for my purple ribbed top).

To complete my bedtime look is a pair of Bonds socks. Sadly, you can’t get this design anymore (which I really love) but they do sell two four pack designs (a blue or pink pack). I find this trainer sock design the best as I don’t get the sensation that they’re fallen down, and my feet don’t get too hot. My feet do get hot quick often which is why I love Bonds too because I feel like my feet can breathe. They’re also soft which is important because my feet are very delicate as I never really walk on them. Once washed the socks are also not too slippery, which is important for my safety for when I do actually walk at home (especially with support workers).

So, I hope you enjoyed this look! With isolation looking like it’s not being lifted any time soon, who knows what I’ll be wearing next month!

I share with you the Peter Alexander pyjamas you'll find me where during isolation, in the April edition of "What I Wore This Month"!


  • Ashley Cooper

    I love a great pair of pajamas too! I have enjoyed quarantine because I have been able to wear mine more. Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to read your next blog post.

    • Oli

      I love the honesty in this – possibly my favourite of your outfits yet.

      It was also really interesting learning about the importance of slippery PJs and non-slippery socks. I’d never thought about that.

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