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#ManiMonday 24/06/2019

Happy #manimonday everyone! I’m very excited to be sharing my first design with you all.

One small disclaimer before we get started though, I don’t actually do my nails myself. I’ve very lucky to have a talented group of support workers, who do them for me, especially one support worker in particular. The designs are often my ideas though.

So let’s get into this week’s look!

Products used:

Stamping plate: Born Pretty “BP-L013”
Stamping polish: Born Pretty “BP-WN02 Time Fly” from the White Knight Stamping Series and “BP-AC01 Pomegranate Red” from the Candy Stamping Series
Base: Essie base coat and “Blanc”
Topcoat: Hit the Bottle “Shining Armour”

With no racing on this week and only a small event on Sunday, it meant I was pretty free in the design. Not having an outfit to match are often the hardest weeks though, because there’s just so many possibilities. After playing around with a few designs, I decided to go with this one. The sample design was actually an accident by my support worker but we loved the 3D effect. This colour combination was chosen as I planned on wearing my pink jacket on Sunday and as I wear red, black and white a lot due to the races, I wanted something fresh.

My Hit the Bottle online order arrived just as I was doing my nails, so I was excited to try out their products. With this design I used their “Shining Armour” topcoat and I was very happy with the results. It’s hard to find a topcoat that doesn’t smudge the stamping designing (especially if you stamp in black!) and I found that as long as there was a lot of polish on the brush it doesn’t smudge at all. At this stage of the week, I normally find that the stamping design has worn off (as I don’t normally wear a topcoat due to smudging) but even with all of the typing as I prepare a few blog posts for you all, I’m happy to say that there is no obvious wear and tear. I look forward to trying their stamping polishes in the coming weeks!

#ManiMonday 24/06/2019 - Pink and Silver Geometric Nails - The Velvet Court

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