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#ManiMonday 21/09/2020

Happy #manimonday everyone! This week Weaponson actually raced, which means another horse design for you all. So, let’s get into this week’s orange and yellow galloping horse design!

Products used:

Stamping plate: Clear Jelly Stamper “CJS LC-40 Horsin’ Around”, PICT You “PY-J026” and Born Pretty “BP-L013”
Stamping polish: Born Pretty “BP-WN04 Pure“, “BP-AC04 Tulip Celebration” and Hit the Bottle “Hello Buttercup

Base: Sally Hansen “Double Duty Base & Top Coat”, Essie “Blanc” and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear “329 Sun Kissed”

Top coat: Hit The Bottle “Water Tight” Smear Free Topcoat

It was tempting to leave last week’s design on but unfortunately it had started to chip, and it meant that I wouldn’t have a new design for you all. I’m thinking of perhaps doing just a monthly mani post next year, instead of weekly, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

As you all know by now, Weaponson racing equals orange and yellow nails, to match his silks. My orange Born Pretty stamping polish isn’t as opaque as my Hit The Bottle ones, which means it doesn’t show up over yellow as well as this yellow polish shows up over orange. However, I did an orange base last week, so this week I mixed it up with two feature white base nails. The white base also meant that I could do some orange stamping. As my other nails were orange, I opted to do the biggest image in orange to tie everything together. The white horseshoe then tied my pointer to my feature nails, while the yellow stamping added in my yellow silk colour.

The images were probably the hardest part this week. I was scrolling through Pinterest before doing my nails and came across a design that did the horseshoe and heart design. I thought this was cool and something I haven’t done before, but perhaps was a little boring for all of my nails. From there the design did kind of just flow. This horse image is way too big for just one of my nails, so I decided to split it over two. So, the horse wasn’t just floating in the air and so I could have a yellow element, I added a yellow “ground”. Then as my pinkie is quite small, the quote “neigh” seemed very cute!

In terms of the pickup rate this week, it was very successful. Despite stamping two images on most nails, this design took a little over an hour to create (including taking off my old design). The trick this week was that I just went straight for the sticky stamping, which really seems to make all the difference. I think the fact that my support worker puts on the polish and scraps, while I pick it up, speeding up the process, also helps to have perfect images. The orange horse and its yellow ground picked up perfectly, while the other three images missed one or two times, but I think it was a pressure issue. Often the best pickups are when you don’t overthink it and just do it.

Overall, I think this design turned out really well. It was nice to use a new image from my Clear Jelly Stamper, which really helped to make this design difference, as did having two feature nails. If I was to do this design again, I would perhaps have stamped something white onto my pinkie, just because after I realised that all of my other nails had all three colours on them. Stamping the quote twice with a white shadow would look cool too.

Bye for now!

Discover how you can recreate this orange and yellow galloping horse nails using Clear Jelly Stamper "CJS LC-40 Horsin' Around", PICT You "PY-J026" and Born Pretty "BP-L013" stamping plates and Born Pretty "BP-WN04 Pure", "BP-AC04 Tulip Celebration" and Hit the Bottle "Hello Buttercup" stamping polish.

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