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#ManiMonday 15/07/2019

Happy #manimonday everyone! Another horse design this week *shocked faced*, but I’m actually really loving this look.

Products used:

Stamping plate: Born Pretty “Artist L003” and Clear Jelly Stamper “Horsin’ Around”
Stamping polish: Hit the Bottle “Expresso Martini” and Born Pretty “BP-WN03 Throne”
Base: Essie base coat and “Sand Tropez”Topcoat: Hit the Bottle “Shining Armour”

As I was going out on Friday night, not knowing what I was wearing when I did my nails and I was going to the races on Saturday to see my horse, The Velvet King, race, I went with this natural look, featuring a horse.

This was my second time using a Hit the Bottle stamping polish and I had a much better pick up rate than previously. I took their advice and worked quicker plus I turned my head away so the exhaust on my ventilator wasn’t drying the polish too quickly. “Expresso Martini” has a really nice metallic look, which the camera didn’t pick up very well. It will be perfect to use for a celebration look.

This week I also had much more success with the Hit the Bottle “Shining Armour” topcoat not smudging. I’m not sure why it worked better this week. It could have been because it was their own stamping polish, as the Born Pretty did smudge on my left hand, hence I didn’t apply the topcoat to the horse on my right hand (the one that features in my pictures). It also could have been because I did wait a while before applying the topcoat to ensure that the stamping design had fully set/dried.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be at the races for a few weeks, but if you had ideas of what horse design you would like to see me do next time, leave a comment below.

Bye for now!

Discover how you can recreate this brown horse nail design using Born Pretty, Clear Jelly Stamper and Hit the Bottle stamping products.

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