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#ManiMonday 05/08/2019

Happy #manimonday everyone! Let’s get into this week’s pink cupcake design!

Products used:

Stamping plate: Born Pretty “BP-L013” and “BP-91”
Stamping polish: Hit the Bottle “Join the Cerise Force”
Base: Essie base coat, “Blanc” and “Fiji”
Cupcake: base Hit the Bottle “Join the Cerise Force”, icing Essie “Blanc” and sprinkles Essie “Play Date”

With high tea on Sunday, I had the perfect plate to create a look with this cupcake. I also wanted to try my last Hit the Bottle stamping polish “Join the Cerise Force” and I also tried their “As Black as Night”.

This nail look certainly isn’t perfect, but I still wanted to post it to show you that things don’t always work out week in week out and this week the stamping gods were not shining down on my support worker and me.

I’m starting to think that the Hit the Bottle stamping polishes definitely work better on different plates because neither colour had problems picking up the cupcake (I originally had a pink cupcake but I wasn’t happy with the colour combination). However, the pink did have trouble picking up the dots.

The biggest problem was with the cupcake. What is called reserve stamping in the industry (technically colouring in an image) takes practice and this week it didn’t work. The image was lifting from the stamper when we went to colour it in, so we applied a top coat to it. This led to some more issues though because this smudged it and then it smudged a bit more when we applied it to my nail, as well as having a plastic like film all over my finger (which we removed with nail polish remover). There’s a fine line between the base colour on the nail being too wet and smudging the design and too dry and the design not sticking to the nail. As you can see, there are slightly bubbles in the cupcake because of the top coat. I must add that my left-hand cupcake turned out quite well though (shown below).

All in all, lessons were learnt this week and I’m keen to try this overall look again to see if I can make it turn out better.

Bye for now!

Discover how you can recreate this pink cupcake nail look using Born Pretty stamping plates & Hit the Bottle "Join the Cerise Force" stamping polish.

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