A picture show nails which features unicorn cupcakes on the ring finger and stars on the other fingers
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#ManiMonday 03/02/2020

Happy #manimonday everyone! Let’s get into this week’s unicorn cupcake and star design!

Products used:

Stamping plate: Born Pretty “BP-L013” and Beauty Big Bang “XL-007”
Stamping polish: Born Pretty “BP-Q06 Miss Pink” and Hit the Bottle “Join the Cerise Force”
Base: Essie base coat, “Blanc” and Mode Cosmetics “Diamante”
Top coat: Sally Hansen “Double Duty Base & Top Coat”
Unicorns: Essie “Blanc” cupcake”, Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy “Jackpot” horn and Hit the Bottle “Join the Cerise Force” patty pans

This unicorn cupcake image is from one of my new Beauty Big Bang plates. I’ve been dying to try it and my birthday was the perfect excuse!

I was originally going to do the cupcakes in a black outline, but my support worker and I decided that this was just too heavy for the overall look. I had already decided on purple and pink stars (because purple is my favourite colour and pink compliments it well), so we decided to do the cupcakes in purple because we thought they would be easier to pick up in that polish too. Haha, my support did later come to regret that decision as the purple has a glitter fleck to it in a certain light, which made it almost impossible to see when colouring it in. In her words, these are the hardest nails she’s ever done (and that’s saying something)! To make it a little bit easier though we found that by using the torch from my phone and positioning it a certain way there was enough light to see but not enough that it reflected.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll have known that my support worker and I have had some trouble getting the Hit the Bottle polishes to pick up in the past. For the star design, it wasn’t completely perfect, but it wasn’t a disaster either. To be honest, I’m not really sure why we had a better result this time. It could be because the Born Pretty polish mixed with it slightly (which was the look we were after) and that polish is a dream to pick up or maybe it just worked better with this plate. Both designs did pick up better with my old harder stamper than my new squishy stamper. However, we did a trial a few weeks ago and we’re pretty sure the cupcakes did pick up in black on the new stamper back then, so who knows what happened here.

With the cupcakes themselves, I opted for a pink patty pan (the same pink polish as in the stars) just to tie the nails together. This design could look cute in quite a few colours though. You could do a sky blue patty pan and then use that colour on your nails before stamping clouds in white (with clouds also featured on the same plate as the cupcakes).

Bye for now!

Discover how you can recreate this unicorn cupcake and star nail art look using the Born Pretty “BP-L013” and Beauty Big Bang “XL-007” stamping plates and the Born Pretty “BP-Q06 Miss Pink” and Hit the Bottle “Join the Cerise Force” stamping polishes.

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