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#FashionFriday 12/07/2019

I nearly didn’t have any outfits to show you this week (so don’t freak out if there isn’t always a post on Fridays), but I was invited out on Tuesday night for a very special event (you can catch all of the details on my Twitter account @thevelvetcourt), so here’s my outfit.

Outfit details:

Jacket from Kmart
Top and pants from Valleygirl
Boots from Betts
Bag from Forever New

The event on Tuesday was a surprise so I wasn’t really sure what to wear, apart from being told that the dress code was smart casual. To be on the safe side I went a little more smart than casual as I believe you can never be too overdressed or if you are, it’s better to be over than under.

If you haven’t worked out by now, Valleygirl is one of my favourite shops. Sometimes it’s a bit hit and miss but when you find a hit it’s really good. They didn’t disappoint here! I actually got these pants as part of a gift card competition I won, and I got them for the internship I hope to get in the summer holidays. They have that professional look while also being very comfortable for me sitting down. The jumper is also very fluffy and comfortable too.

Finding jackets that are easy to get on is also a problem that I face. I need jackets that have a stretch, in them so it makes it easy to get my arms in but not too big that they look weird on my narrow shoulders. Therefore, I don’t have many jackets, so you’ll definitely see outfit repeats in this regard!
Monochromatic is also a winner in winter, as so many different tops and pants go together. It’s also safe for situations like the one I was in, where you don’t know what event you’re going to.

I hope you enjoyed this look!

In this week's edition of Fashion Friday, I outline the details of my outfit that I wore for a special night out with a smart casual dress code.

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