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Fashion for the Festive Season

It’s hard to believe that there’s only a week until Christmas. With the festive season comes lots of events and catch-ups, which means putting together a truckload of outfits. To help you come up with outfits, I’ve compiled 5 different looks, suitable for a range of events. I’ve also done extra research and have included only clothing items that are currently available in stores and at relatively affordable prices (all of the links to the clothes are included below the looks) because there’s nothing worse than seeing something you like online and then not being able to buy it. I must note that this post is in no way sponsored by any of the brands mentioned, though they are some of my favourite brands/shops. So, let’s get started!

Casual Christmas

T-shirt (Big W), shorts (City Beach), shoes (Big W), bag (Target) and earrings (Lovisa)

During the festive season, there’s nothing I love more than a Christmas themed t-shirt. This one featured is from Big W, but I also have some from Jay Jays too. As you only wear these t-shirts may once a year, you don’t want to spend a lot of money, hence these shops are great because they are good quality but are still affordable. This outfit is also simple to put together, as who doesn’t have a pair of denim shorts or jeans in their wardrobe? I would opt for a lighter denim though just to give it more of a fresh look, as it’s hot in summer (here in Australia), however, if your t-shirt has dark colours on it, then dark denim would be fine. Comfortable shoes are also a must, hence something like canvas (picture) or Converse would be perfect. You could also wear a t-bar sandal if you already have a pair of them. To finish off the outfit, a red clutch adds that Christmas colour and brings out the red in the shirt in this case, plus a pair of Christmas earrings are super cute and add a really fun element!

Christmas earrings are currently quite hard to find online at the moment (and the ones pictured are the only thing in the five outfits that isn’t available online), but Lovisa is still advertising their Christmas earrings on their social media and, therefore, hitting the shops it the best idea if you’re looking for Christmas earrings.

Family Festivity

Top (Valleygirl), green pants (Valleygirl), red pants (Valleygirl), earrings (Lovisa), clutch (Colette) and shoes (Miss Guided)

If you want to look festive without wearing something Christmassy than this is the look for you. I would say it’s perfect for a family get-to-together. I actually have this top and I plan on wearing it to my family’s Christmas dinner, hence this outfit was put together based on the colours in the top.

I found both red and green pants, which emphasises the colours on the top. I would probably go the green because it lets the red in the top stand out a bit more, but both would look great (plus red pants are also really hard to find at the moment). Due to the elastic on the top too, you can wear pants that have a slightly higher waist (if that’s your thing) and still be able to see the top of the pants. If you don’t like bold pants you could wear pale pink which is also on the top. As there is a lot going on with the top and pants, simple accessories are perfect. The top also lends itself more towards gold than silver, hence the gold bag (which I love), that also reflects the floral elements on the top, the gold shoes and gold jewellery, with these earrings further mirroring the leafy pattern in the bag.

One thing to note is that the top is more sheer than what appears online, so you would have to wear a bralette or camisole underneath it.

Naughty Night Out

Top (Portmans), pants (Forever New), hair clips (Lovisa), earrings (Lovisa), clutch (Colette) and shoes (Famous Footwear)

Sometimes you just want a Christmas inspired outfit that you can pull together from things you already have in your wardrobe and this look is definitely one you can also wear any time of the year.

In my opinion, nothing says Christmas like glitter and sparkles, hence this top is perfect. The spaghetti strap design is also great for Australia’s hot summer nights. The black pants also allow for the sparkles to stand out and who doesn’t have black pants as a staple piece of clothing? These particular pants also give the look a real edgy feel. The bag and shoes reflect the sparkles in the top, complementing it nicely. Interestingly, when I was putting this outfit together, I thought silver high heel pumps would be nicer, but the strappy shoe mirrors the straps on the top, which is why I think the two go better together. You can then add the Christmas elements through accessories, like the hairpins and earrings pictured, plus they also sparkle like the top.

Personally, if I was wearing this outfit, I think it would look amazing with straight hair that is slicked back, combined with the hairpins that continue to carry the edgy look. However, due to the design of the top, it would also look fine with your hair down.

Stylish Snowman

Dress (Forever New), belt (Forever New), earrings (Lovisa), clutch (Colette) and shoes (Wittner)

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t look good (haha you’re not going to find any ugly sweaters here!).

The powerful women silhouette is very in at the moment and this dress embodies all of that, while the clean lines and white colour also make it very fresh. I would team this dress with a belt, just to bring in the waist and to keep with the Christmas spirit, a red or green belt would have been perfect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like red or green belts are in at the moment, hence I went with this rose gold belt, which matches the modern look of the dress. As I personally don’t like to mix metals, a rose gold bag it was. This one is perfect as it mirrors the strong lines on the dress, it matches the other accessories and the star-like design is quite Christmassy. As the bag as straight edges in its design, I opted for earrings that were also straight but also slick and modern, tying in with the overall look.

If you wanted to go silver accessories you could, but I feel that the rose gold belt contrasts a bit more on the dress than a silver belt would. Also if you could find a red or green belt then I would pick accessories that are these colours as well, except I would probably go silver/gold/nude shoes because red or green could be one, hard to find and two, they may overpower the overall outfit.

Sugarplum Summer

Top (Portmans), skirt (Portmans), earrings (Lovisa) nude clutch (Colette), pink clutch (Colette) and shoes (Novo Shoes)

Christmas in Australia often means hot days, so this outfit is perfect for keeping you cool!

I wanted to include one outfit that has a skirt, but it turns out modest length skirts are quite hard to find, but I did come across this one from Portmans. The colours make it very summery plus it’s made of flowy material to keep you cool while pleats are also in at the moment. In this case, the skirt is the statement piece, so the rest of the outfit is built to complement it. The white top is also of a light material and sleeveless which means it’s not only cool for you but also gives the outfit a fresh, crisp look. In terms of bags, I absolutely love the pink trunk clutch as it’s not only a pop of colour, but it matches the skirt perfectly. However, in this case, this bag is probably a bit too much, hence a nude bag and shoes are the way to go as they let the skirt shine. This nude bag also has the circle detail as the belt on the dress, tying the two together nicely. To bring more pink in, I’ve opted for pink statement earrings. It’s surprisingly hard to find these sorts of earrings at the moment. While the ones pictured aren’t my favourite, they do also mirror the circle on the skirt’s belt and the small flowers add to the summery feel, plus they look like little wreaths which is perfect for Christmas.

This outfit is also one that you can wear at any summer event too, think evening BBQ or day at the races. If I was wearing this to the races, I would team it with either a big white brimmed hat (e.g. for Pinjarra races) or a pink fascinator (e.g. for Ascot races).

So, I hope you have all enjoyed these looks as much as I have putting them together! This is my last post of the year, so I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and a happy New Year! I look forward to bringing you more posts in 2020!

To help you come up with outfits for this festive season, I’ve compiled 5 different looks, suitable for a range of events including a summer BBQ and night out.
To help you come up with outfits for this festive season, I’ve compiled 5 different looks, suitable for a range of events including a summer BBQ and night out.
To help you come up with outfits for this festive season, I’ve compiled 5 different looks, suitable for a range of events including a summer BBQ and night out.
To help you come up with outfits for this festive season, I’ve compiled 5 different looks, suitable for a range of events including a summer BBQ and night out.
To help you come up with outfits for this festive season, I’ve compiled 5 different looks, suitable for a range of events including a summer BBQ and night out.

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