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    Attending University with a Physical Disability

    More and more people with physical disabilities are attending university, but it's surprising just how many times people don't know how to act around someone with a physical disability!

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    Disability Pride Month

    July is Disability Pride Month, which celebrates everyone who has a disability. This post looks at just how important the month is and what you can do to celebrate.

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    My Blogging Journey

    In this post, I reflect on my blogging journey this past year and share a few highlights that I've experience along the way!

  • To mark my one year blogging anniversary, I answer some of your questions about me, the face behind The Velvet Court!

    The Face Behind The Velvet Court

    To mark my one year blogging anniversary, I reintroduce myself to my new readers, putting a name to the face behind The Velvet Court!

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    Representation vs Revenue

    By not including people with disabilities in advertisements, companies are missing out on a key group of consumers. So why is there this absence of representation in marketing and advertising campaigns?

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    Life Isn’t All About “Likes”

    While this is not new to people living in Australia, Instagram has recently removed the ability to see how many people have liked posts in the USA, so the debate has started up all over again. With this move bringing up other topics such as mental health, I feel like…