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    Representation vs Revenue

    By not including people with disabilities in advertisements, companies are missing out on a key group of consumers. So why is there this absence of representation in marketing and advertising campaigns?

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    Life Isn’t All About “Likes”

    While this is not new to people living in Australia, Instagram has recently removed the ability to see how many people have liked posts in the USA, so the debate has started up all over again. With this move bringing up other topics such as mental health, I feel like…

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    The “Made by Mum” Fashion Label

    Finding clothes that fit, due to my scoliosis, unusual body shape and because I’m sitting down all the time, is sometimes quite hard, so I’m very lucky that my mum can sew. So, when it comes to many race day dresses, they’re from the label “Made by Mum”. From 24…

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    The Consumerism Side of Life

    The new Apple iPhone 11 series was released a few weeks ago and people are jumping at the bit to buy it (haha including me). From a marketing point of view, Apple has done a fabulous job of getting their consumers to want their latest products. However, this raises the…

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    Why I Became a Make-A-Wish Volunteer

    Last month marked my one year anniversary of becoming a Make-A-Wish Foundation volunteer. It was actually by chance that I become a volunteer, but I’m happy I did neither the less. For those that don’t know, this story starts over ten years ago when my wish came true, haha back…

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    When The “What Ifs” Come Knocking

    Everyone has moments in their life when they don’t know if they can do something and I’m no different. This is especially true when facing a new, different or stressful situation. You start thinking what if this happens, what if I can’t do it, what if I don’t know how,…

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    Dying With Dignity and Decisions

    Death is a part of life, yet why are we so afraid to talk about it? For this reason, it’s perfect for this month’s edition of #theressomethingweneedtotalkabout. Now don’t get me wrong, death is certainly not something I think about every day, but you can’t deny that it is part…