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    Starting My Business – LBD Digital

    Things have been a bit quiet on The Velvet Court, but for a good reason, I've started my own business, Little Black Dress Digital! In this article, I discuss why I started LBD Digital and a few lessons I've learnt along the way.

  • The Year That Was 2020

    The Year That Was 2020!

    Wow, what a year 2020 was! If I was to describe 2020 in a word, I’d say it was bittersweet. It was full of highs but also a few heartbreaking moments and tough times. So, let’s recap the year that was!

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    Where Fashion Meets Disability

    Today is International Day of People with Disabilities and to celebrate I recap my weekend where fashion met disability.

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    A Not So Easy Troll Target

    On face value I look like the perfect target for trolls, a young disabled female. However, as they and others quickly learnt, I’m certainly no easy target!

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    Attending University with a Physical Disability

    More and more people with physical disabilities are attending university, but it's surprising just how many times people don't know how to act around someone with a physical disability!

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    Disability Pride Month

    July is Disability Pride Month, which celebrates everyone who has a disability. This post looks at just how important the month is and what you can do to celebrate.