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Ascot 27/02/2021

I just wanted to give everyone the heads up that from now until the end of May/start of June, I will significantly be scaling back on my in-depth previews. As much as I love doing tips, I need to prioritise my final semester at university and my business, Little Black Dress Digital. Unfortunately, this means less time for tips and therefore fewer details on each horse. Once the University semester is over and I just have my business to focus on, I hope to go back to my full in-depth previews. Hopefully, I still tip as many winners and I thank you for your understanding.


Rail – 8m
Track – Good 4
Forecast – Max 31 degrees, mostly sunny

Race 1 – Glenroy Chaff Maiden – 1600m – 12:12pm

5 – Trisuem
4 – Molly Magee
2 – Yardman
7 – The Slug

Comment: This is a fairly even race with a few of these horses knocking on the door for a win. Trisuem has just been a bit more consistent with her placings.

Suggested bet: Triseum – place

Race 2 – Vale John Martino Handicap – 1800m – 12:52pm

2 – Phoneme
3 – Our Idyll
4 – That’s Funny Az
1 – Juicing Carrots

Comment: This definitely looks to be a battle between Phoneme and Our Idyll with it being very hard to split them. Phoneme just looks to have slightly stronger form lines, which was the deciding factor for me. He is up in distance though compared to Our Idyll who is yet to place at this track/distance (1:0-0-0).

Suggested bet: Phoneme and Our Idyll – each way

Race 3 – Amelia Park Handicap – 1800m –1:32pm

1 – Sowar
3 – Queen Takes King
6 – Safe To Makeup
2 – Porphyrio

Comment: It’s an interesting race with mix form lines. Sowar went on top just because I think he’s more consistent, is unbeaten at this track/distance (1:1-0-0) and just got too far back last start. He’s good value too.

Suggested bet: Sowar – place

Race 4 – TABtouch – Better Your Bet Handicap – 1600m – 2:08pm

5 – Giant Leap
2 – Fangio
6 – Seminole Brave
8 – No Apology

Comment: Giant Leap got too far back last start so I’m willing to forgive that run. He’ll need to bring his best here with Fangio absolutely on fire at the moment (and has me second guessing myself as to whether I have the right horse on top). Class was the deciding factor for me, but it’s hard to split them. I certainly wouldn’t rule out Seminole Brave and No Apology for the win either.

Suggested bet: Giant Leap, Fangio and Seminole Brave – each way

Race 5 – Lex Piper Stakes – 1600m – 2:45pm

3 – Western Empire
6 – Brave Battle
1 – Em Tee Aye
2 – Off Wego

Comment: Western Empire just has the class and ability, with factors in his favour. Em Tee Aye just isn’t as consistent but is proven at this class. Brave Battle is great value!

Suggested bet: Western Empire – win, Brave Battle and Em Tee Aye – each way

Race 6 – Crown Perth Handicap – 1800m – 3:20pm

6 – Tambora
9 – Sunset Cruise
8 – Reliable Star
5 – Eurasia

Comment: I’m not going to lie, I was excited when I put Tambora on top because horse 6 race 6 is my lucky combination. He’s a horse on the way up and while he is up in distance, the rest of the conditions look to suit. It’s a battle between my other top three for the minors.

Suggested bet: Tambora – win

Race 7 – Schweppes – Ascot 1000 Guineas – 1800m – 3:55pm

1 – Solaia
5 – Testing Love
6 – Fashion Queen
8 – Spritely Star

Comment: Solaia is coming off a listed win and really isn’t penalised much at all in the weights, compared to horses that are up in class. It was hard to split Mr Peters’ horses and I think they all represent really good value! They could win here but no matter the result, they are definitely ones to watch going forward.

Suggested bet: Solaia – each way

Race 8 – Autumn Ascot Racing Carnival Is Coming Handicap – 1400m – 4:35pm

7 – Beret
5 – London Miss
9 – Chatter Session
6 – Rum Raker

Comment: Beret has a really good turn of foot and is unbeaten at this track/distance (1:1-0-0). I really like London Miss too, especially as she only has to carry 55.5kg with Carleen’s claim. While Chatter Session is unbeaten over this distance (2:2-0-0). This is probably one of the evenest races of the day.

Suggested bet: Beret, London Miss and Chatter Session – each way

Race 9 – Byron Bay Premium Lager Handicap – 1000m – 5:12pm

9 – Time To Sizzle
11 – River Beau
7 – Platinum Bullet
14 – Mood Swings

Comment: Time To Sizzle is very consistent and has a great track/distance record (6:4-0-1) plus she only has to carry 54.5kg with Madi’s claim. The wide barrier is a concern though. It’s easy to make a case for River Beau, Platinum Bullet and Mood Swings too!

Suggested bet: Time To Sizzle – each way

Best Bet

Race 6 – Tambora

Confidence rating

I’m not too confident this week, just because I’ve spent less time on it. It’s also my first time doing this “suggested bet” thing. The races I’m most concerned about is races 1, 4, 7, 8 and 9. Race 7’s concern is mostly due to the fact that there’s great value offered by Mr Peter’s horses and you can never rule them out in a feature race!

Last Week’s Results

R6 – boxed first four
R8 – quinella
Winners in top 4- 6/9
Top picks: -, 2nd, -, 1st, -, 2nd, -, 2nd, 1st
Best bet: 1st
Profit: +0.4

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