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5 Minutes with Sarah Kerr

I was lucky enough to have met Sarah through the Muscular Dystrophy Young Adult Social Events and when Rebecca started playing electric wheelchair sports. When Sarah isn’t working or playing electric wheelchair sports, she baking amazing macarons and travelling the world.

Tell me a little bit about yourself

My name is Sarah Kerr. I’m 28 years and work as a lawyer in personal injury.

What is limb girdle and how does it affect your life?

Limb girdle is a form of muscular dystrophy meaning as I get older my muscles get progressively weaker. It affects my every day life in a lot of ways. I do not undertake any task by myself and I am always supported by a family member or friend. I require help with things like being driven to work, lifting heavy objects, showering, walking up hills, rising from a chair. My main weakness started in my shoulders and legs so I can’t do simple things like lift my arms above my head or run.

How did you get into electric wheelchair sport and how does it benefit your life?

I got into electric wheelchair sport when I met a friend, Conor Murphy at an exam at university. He asked me why I was taking my exam in a “special room “ and I told him I had muscular dystrophy. We arranged to meet up and later he asked me and my brother to play sport with him.

Wheelchair sports best benefit is the relationships I’ve built through it.

For people thinking about trying electric wheelchair sports, what would you say?

Give it a go. You’d be surprised how much it changes your life and perspective on things. It is fun, personality building and challenging. A lot of us enjoy the competition and I would liken it to any able bodied sport.

I can say from personal experience that your macarons are the best! So how did Mac and Sugar come about?

I have always been interested in baking and one day I came across a macaron place in California called Honey and Butter and they made custom macaron characters. They inspired me to give custom macarons a go and I’ve been keen on baking them ever since!

If you had one tip for an inexperienced baker, especially for macarons, what would it be?

Keep trying. Baking can be challenging. Never give up and always follow the recipe!

I know you love to travel, so where have you been and what has been your favourite place?

I have been to many places including the UK, Europe, Egypt, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Mornay, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Canada and USA. USA I would say is definitely the best. Despite what people might think the US locals are the best when it comes to assisting people with disabilities. Even in NYC, I’ve had a local run across the road to hold a door open for my wheelchair. My favourite place to go is Disneyland. It is dreamy and magical. You feel like anything is possible. It is also even inclusive and they have rides which you don’t even have to transfer from your wheelchair.

What is one thing people might not know about travelling with a disability?

Travelling with a disability is quite difficult. Everything needs to be planned well in advance. You need to make sure transport options are accessible, your room is accessible and also any tours that you do. This adds double time when planning holidays because you can’t just hop online and book something. You usually have to contact the hotel or your company directly before anything is set in stone. However, it may be more difficult but travel is totally worth the experience.

Remember you can make it work! Always ask for help and see how things pan out before you make a decision not to do it.

What’s one assumption abled-bodies people make about people with disabilities that you hate?

For me, because I’m not in a wheelchair full time I hate the assumption that people think I can do certain things. I wish people would just ask. I’m open to answering any questions.

Besides baking, what do you like to do in your downtime?

Watch romance movies, travel, listen to music, spend time with family and friends. But defiantly I always think about baking and what will be next, in particular, American inspired baked goods!!

Sarah Kerr is one busy women! She loves baking amazing macarons, travelling the world, working and playing electric wheelchair sports.

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