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5 Minutes With Chloe Poliwka

Chloe Poliwka is a frequent racegoer here in Perth. Growing up with a love of fashion, Chloe has successfully built her personal brand on Instagram, putting her marketing degree to good use! While she also loves the fashion at the races, Chloe has also recently become a racehorse owner. When she’s not at the races, she’s either trying one of WA’s many restaurants or travelling down-south.

With so much in common, I was really excited to interview Chloe this month!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Chloe Poliwka, I am 29 years old and regularly share my life in tiny squares on the internet. I love fashion, fitness and travelling the world. Experienced Social Media professional with a Bachelor of Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Notre Dame Australia. When I’m not attending events around Perth, I work for my family’s real estate company in Marketing and as a Sales Executive. I’ve recently bought my first share in an all female filly with Harvey Racing and can’t wait to start the horse ownership journey. 

Where did your love of fashion come from?

I’ve always loved fashion and dressing up since I was a little girl. I used to make my three older brothers sit down on the couch and watch my fashion shows when I was really young, much to their horror. From there it went to dressing up with friends in high school on the weekends and taking photos as girls do. I always wanted the latest fashions and followed Vogue religiously in high school, starting my love for quality Australian brands. Growing up I always wanted to be a fashion designer or illustrator, so I studied fashion after I graduated high school. I never completed it though because I wasn’t too fussed on the sewing and pattern-making side of things. 

What is your process for putting together an outfit?

Outfit planning and styling a look takes up so much of my time but I absolutely love it. When planning looks for big race days, I usually find the dress first and then work around that to source the millinery, shoes, bag and accessories. I create a story board on my computer to make sure everything matches perfectly. It’s exciting working with my milliner Reny Kestel to create the perfect piece to compliment my outfit. 

What fashion trends are your predicting this winter?

I love the whole balloon sleeve trend, I’m a sucker for a long sleeve always. The usual suspects like a high neck, midi style dress, rich tones, velvets and suiting will be popular. Thick heavy laces are perfect in the cooler months, so labels like Self Portrait will feature prominently. 

You attend the races quite a bit (which is how we met). What is your favourite thing about the races? What is one fashion piece that is always stylish at the races?

Oh gosh I love everything about the races. It’s so fun having a day out with friends, dressed up in race-wear watching thoroughbreds. Millinery is an essential part of race wear for me, I love wearing all sorts of different styles. Initially I was involved through the fashion side of things but I’ve strangely become a full bottle on the sport and study the form religiously. Of course my race wear looks are still a huge part of the race day experience for me. It’s always so lovely to see how everyone makes an effort with race wear, keeping the tradition strong. On a typical race morning, I will read about four different forms, finalise my tips, jump into hair and makeup and get some pretty snaps before heading to the track, arrive just on Race 1 for a full day of frocks, fillies and furlongs! I spend my time all around the track, from the members area, to the bookies, mounting yard and may end up at the Stone Motherless if it’s a good day! 

You also have quite the following on Instagram (over 226,000 to be exact)! Would you describe yourself as an influencer? If yes, was this a career you considered when you were younger?

I hate the term influencer, I’m not really one for the whole label thing. I guess people like what I post so that’s always reassuring to know I’m doing something right! It’s so bizarre that Instagram has become a career but I definitely didn’t think it would eventuate to this, it was just an app to share photos with friends and like-minded people. It’s amazing to be connected to so many people around the world who share similar interests and that are interested in my life. Very grateful for all the opportunities and experiences I have received over the years! 

Would you say having a social media strategy is important to consider when posting online? What do you look to do before you post?

Initially I never had a set strategy, it was just posting things I liked and sharing my personal life online. As it grew I became more conscious of what I was posting and what was said. I don’t say much anymore online, I think a picture says enough. It’s nice to keep some things private and not give fuel to peoples negative comments. For other business accounts I run, we definitely follow a strategy to enhance engagement within the specific industry. I plan my posts ahead of time, some times a few weeks in advance and use a planning app called Preview to see the layout of my page. It’s all about the aesthetics, I hate when the colours don’t flow (OCD much?!) 

For those looking to increase their online presence (whether that be their business or themselves) what would you suggest?

Content is king.  Be genuine, follow similar accounts and engage with them to get your name recognised. A visually aesthetic profile is always engaging. Of course the good old hashtag still works wonders for those looking to grow their online presence organically. I love going through hashtags, especially for restaurants or travel destinations to check out what other people have posted – the ultimate stalking tool. 

What are your favourite types of accounts to follow?

Fashion, fitness and travel accounts, with a splash of Kardashian. 

What else do you enjoy outside of fashion and social media?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I have an ever growing restaurant to-do list which keeps me busy trying to tick them all off. If I don’t have events on in Perth, I spend my weekends down-south at wineries, riding my motorbike or relaxing at the beach. 

You can follow Chloe on Instagram (@pegasusunicorn)!

Chloe Poliwka has successfully built her personal brand on Instagram. However, she's also a frequent racegoer in Perth, enjoying both the fashion and ownership side of racing!

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